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User Interface

Documentation on Smode's User Interface


Application Menus:


Application Editors:

Files Panel - Where all of your content medias are

Standard Pack - Here are some presets and media files you may find useful

Media Information - Displays a preview of medias from the SmodeFilesView

Tasks Panel - Shows rendering and transcoding tasks currently running in Smode

Devices Panel - Visualize and manage audio/video input/outupts, clocks and controllers attached to Smode

Help Panel - Your humble servant, the Help panel

Document Editors:

Viewport - Where you see what is happening in Smode. You can do without it but what would be the point?

Element Tree - The hierarchical view of documents in Smode

Parameters Editor - You don't have to search further, every parameters of a selected Element is there.

Element Editors:

Function Editor - The editor allowing you to manipulate every Function inside of Smode

Timeline Editor - Timeline animation editor

Shader Editor - You want to code some Shader inside of Smode? Here it is.

Pipeline Editor - Editor for the Pipeline