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2D Layer

A single 2D Layer

This topic describes how 2D layers are working in Smode. If you are starting with 2D compositing in Smode, you may probably want to check this overview video tutorial first:
Watch directly on youtube Basically, a 2D Layer works by generating an image, modifying it and then rendering it. Here are the involved elements to perform this:
  • 2D Generator: The generator represents a source of images. Many different type of generators exist: still images, videos, live video feeds, shaders generating an image in real-time...
  • 2D Modifier: A 2D layer contains a chain of modifiers that are applied to the image of the Generator. A wide number of 2D modifiers are provided ranging from simple colorimetry operations to advanced stylization effects.
  • 2D TextureMask: Any 2D modifier in Smode can be modulated with 2D masks that define for every pixel the level of application of this modifier. Masks enable numerous applications from traditional transparency-masking to advanced modulation of stylisation and distortion effects.
  • 2D Renderer: Once the image is modified, it gets rendered by its 2D Renderer. By default there is one such renderer, but it's very easy to turn it into a Group 2D Renderer to get the layer displayed multiple times (without nearly any additional cost). Each renderer has an opacity and a blending mode and it is possible to add local 2D Modifier on renderers.

The following picture illustrates how the different components constituting a 2D layer operate together:

To group multiple objects together, select them and press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [G] . This will have different effects if you choose 2D Renderer, 2D Modifier or 2D Layer.
Note that a group of 2D Layer is not rasterized and has no specific resolution.

If you want to create a Compo while grouping them, use the [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [C] shortcut.

Here is a little composition made from a lot of 2D layers (images, video, sprite-sheets) that runs on Smode in real time:
Watch directly on youtube



Shapes: Edge Thickness Modifier.compo, Edge Centering Modifier.compo and Shape Merger.compo.

Animation: NEW - Multi-dimensional Modifier.compo.

Misc: NEW - Parameters States.compo.


2D Generator - The part of a 2D layer that generates the image

2D Modifier - Modify a 2D image

2D TextureMask - Define a 2D Mask applicable on any 2D Renderer or 2D Modifier

2D Renderer - Allow to actually display a 2D Layer

2D Placement - Defines a placement in 2D space

2D Renderer Effect - An effect that modifies the way a 2D layer is rendered

2D Group - Group of 2D Layer

2D Gradient - A gradient shape such as "Linear", "Radial" or "Noise"


Mentioned: 2D Generator, 2D Modifier, 2D Renderer and Compo.