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3D Generator

The 3d generator of a 3D Layer represents a source of geometry.

The 3d generators are at the core of 3D Layer: they define the raw geometry on which modifiers and renderers will operate. It can either be a 3D primitive generated by Smode, a particle system, an external 3D file or a vectorial spline in SVG format.
Smode deals with three types of information in geometries: points, lines and triangles. Depending on which information a geometry contains, some renderers may or may not work. A particles system is a geometry that contains points only and that can be rendered with Sprite Points. Splines contain both points and lines, which makes them renderable with Points Renderers and Line Renderers. Meshes contain the three types of information, which means that they can be displayed with all available renderers. The following image illustrates the Geosphere generator displayed with one renderer of each type:
Particles have a dedicated topic but is still a 3d generator with points informations.
Here is a little video to show you some of the basic manipulations of 3D generators, How to slice them, display only vertical or horizontal wire-frame lines, remove caps and subdivide them. The Box has embedded UV maps, but you can change the UV of any Smode primitive Geometry using the UV Mapping modifier: Watch directly on youtube


  • Modifiers (List of 3D Modifiers): Modifiers that will be applied to 3d generator
  • Placement ( 3D Placement): Placement of the 3d generator


Mesh primitives:

Plane - Generate a XZ plane

Box - A Box with subdivision parameter

Capsule - Like a sphere with two ends

Cylinder - Can also be a tube if removing it's top and bottom caps

Geosphere - Even sphere

Sphere - Polar Sphere

Torus - Put a ring on it

Spline primitives:

Circle - One circle to control them all...or something like that

Function Spline - A Spline defined by a Function that can be either generative or keyframed

Helix - Fixed height helix

Star - Create a star with as many branches as you want

Knot - Hi there, sailor !

Rectangle - A rectangle, but also a square, who would have guessed ?

Segment - Segment defined by 2 3D Position

3D Text - If you want to write

Point primitives:

Grid Points - 3D grid filled with points

Random Points - Random Points generated inside a volume (sphere, box or any other Smode primitive)

Tracking System - Points following each trackers of a Tracking System

External 3D Files (.fbx, .obj, .blend):

3D File - External referenced 3D file (.fbx, .obj or .blend)

External 3D Files (.fbx, .obj, .blend):

Svg File - External file spline (.svg)

Other 3D Generators:

Group Geometry - A group of 3D Generator


Mentioned: 3D Layer, Box, Particles, Sprite Points and UV Mapping.