FPS Meter

Frame per second Meter

This indicator measures the frame rate of Smode.

The first value is the average number of milliseconds that frames take to be rendered and the second value is the inverse of this, i.e. the average number of frames that are computed by Smode per second.
Your frame rate must be greater or equal to your display device frequency in order to avoid frame drop stuttering.

FPS Menu and Clock Locking

If you right click on the fps meter, you will obtain the following menu:

The important thing here is to lock the output to the correct framerate of your video installation (typically 50Fps or 60Fps). If you do setup it correctly, you will obtain a green flashing dot on the right side of the fps meter. This means that the time clock of Smode is locked to the frame rate of the display.
As long as the dot remains green and blinks regularly, it means that Smode perfectly delivers all the expected frames. When it becomes red, it means that either a frame drops occured, or the deviation between the CPU clock and the video output clock is higher than 1/4th of a frame.

Frame Time Graph

If you double click on the fps meter, you will see the frame time graph:
This will allow you to precisely see when frame drops are happening or if you have any framerate fluctuations over the time.

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