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Noise layer

2D Generator - Generate a possibly animated noise image

This generator creates a procedural noise image using a Noise Function.
Multi-scale noise (more detailed) noises can be obtained by changing the Octaves.
The obtained noise image can be colored arbitrarily with a Color Gradient.


  • Gradient ( Color Gradient): Colorize with a color gradient
  • Function ( Noise Function): Select the noise generator algorithm
  • Seed ( Seed): How the random generator gets initialised
  • Scale (2D Size in Pixels): Overall noise 2D scaling factors


Standard Presets: Chiseled, Cobblestone, Fractured Cell, Perlin and Simplex.

Advanced Presets: Caustics, Curtains, Dots Pyramids, God Rays, Hard Edges, Popping dots, Psyche Noise 1, Wood Noise, Bloody, Bacterials and GoldNight.


3D: Triplanar Mapping.compo.


In same group: White Noise layer. Mentioned: Color Gradient and Noise Function.