ISF Generator

2D Generator - Use Interactive Shader Format (ISF) files or code them into Smode to create your own effects

All the embedded ISF files are present inside of the Standard Pack. You can re-arrange the folders as you want to organize your own ISF shaders.
To add new ISF generator files in your library, add a ISFGenerator folder inside of your medias directories.
You can also code the ISF shader directly inside of the Shader Editor:

Press [Ctrl]+ [Enter] at any time in order to compile the shader.
Go check ISF Modifier for the other side of the mirror.
The ISF website:
More info on the ISF format:


  • Fragment shader of the isf generator
  • Vertex shader of the isf generator
  • Isf File Content File Selector: File of the isf generator
  • Credit of the isf generator (Read Only)
  • Custom Shader: Dynamic variables of the isf generator
  • Renderer of the isf generator

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