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Configure Spout

How to configure Spout Input and Spout Output

Spout allow to route the visual output of one program to another like Syphon on OSX. This way you can for instance receive in Smode as a layer the current composition of another software or in the contrary, work on another software with the current visual output of Smode.
Spout currently works with this non-exhaustive list of softwares : After Effects / Unity / Touch Designer / Ableton Live / Adobe Air / Processing / MADRIX / Cycling / openFrameworks / vvvv / modulo π / 7th sense / BlackMagic / Troikatronix / Visikord / Virtual DJ / Ni Mate / Light Jams / Enttec LED Mapper / Winamp natively or through plugins.
More information and download of Spout is here: Here is a video to show you how to configure spout :
Watch directly on youtube


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