3D Modifier - Instantiate a primitive geometry on each vertex position

Allow to generate a primitive geometry (any 3D Generator) on each point of a geometry, to create a mesh array.
Can be combine with Random Points for an awesome scatter effect. If you want to scatter meshes inside a 3d volume (and not only randomly on the surface of a geometry), then check out the Random Points.
Here is an example of a plane instantiating box, with a random point modifier :

Be also very attentive to the general order of the modifiers :

A less costly but less versatile alternative to instantiate can be a Box Points or a Ball Points. I say less versatile as the principle of the instantiate is that you can put an actual geometry inside of it and so do any transformations you could do over it
Here is a little mograph made with that modifier, a Point Rotate grouped with a Point Scale and then masked with Box:

Note that any Smode primitive can be used as instantiate generator (as well as 3D File) or 3D extruded text :


  • Referential of the instantiated geometries.

  • 3D Mask: Note that you have a selector inside of the instantiate, it act more or less as a 3D Mask and allow you to choose which instantiated geometry will be displayed where.

    For instance here I got cylinder and box geometries scattered accordingly to a box selector :

  • List of 3D Generators: Generators of the instantiate


Standard Presets: Box, Cylinder, Plane and Sphere
Advanced Presets: Coin, Geosphere, Particles, Venetian blind and Triangles

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