Sanity Check for XR setup

Hardware setup for XR project

If you are not on stage, with the full set-up install, you can skip this part and go directly to XR-Create the Screens
Remeber that you'll have to go back on it later.

Verify Ghost screens

A GPU might be wrong about the connected screens and still detect some.
make sure you get something like this:
If ever not we advise you to do a clean install of specific NVIDIA Drivers Branch 440
The current recommended drivers is: 443.66. Make a clean install of it:

Finally, check if every screens are connected to the same GPU.

Manage EDID

Set EDIDs on every output screens. The recommended one is : Nova4K50pSMO3
Beware: The name of an EDID is different of the name of the EDID file.


Genlock your output. Select them, Syncnhronize Display > On the System, Apply.
You should have this topology:
Every icons of screen should be blue on this NVIDIA control Panel. Check if your GPU are well Genlocked. For more information about Genlocking, please read this document:Quadro-Sync-II-User-Guide.pdfYou can be sure that your system is genlocked by checking the first led on the GPU hardware:
1 of the four Leds should be Green and flashing, depending the GPU on which your are GenLocked. Everything is good? Time for a XR-Latency Calibration

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