How to Remote connection

Connecting as a remote connect your UI to the distant rendering engine of another server

Smode Designer main editor window is connected to its local (Embedded) rendering engine by default.

To connect as a remote to a distant server you can Click on the NETWORK Menu related to Smode Net Read More Menu and then on a remote computer to create a new edition tab on the distant Smode engine.
Be careful: if you Edit/Preferences, you will edit the engine setting of the Smode engine of the current activated tab. So it may not be the local (Embedded) engine.
The Viewport content of a distant Smode is computed by the distant Smode and sent to the remote via an NDI video stream.
This is a costly operation disabled when On Air or by configuration in the Engine Preferences General preferences of Smode's rendering engine. Add here your Device: midi controller, OSC, video, audio etc. Read More preference panel.
there are some limitation of the remote connection:
  • Ip address should be entered manually (because the drop down list are the local IP not the distant one)
  • Media folder addition can only be added by entering the path manually ( browse for folder is not working )

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