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Shader Generator

2D Generator - Create your own shader with mathematical beautifulness in OpenGL Shading Language through the Shader Editor

The Shader layer Generator allow you to code your own shader in GLSL. So do what you want...
Type CTRL+ENTER to recompile the shader after having modified it :
You can save your shaders by saving them as presets, see the Use presets section of the documentation to be informed.

Here is a simple example from the default Shader :

Do not forget to activate the Shader Pack Preset Pack to access to shaders already coded by the soft delicate hands of our dev team (check Use presets / Activate Presets Libraries section of the doc).

Here is a short introduction to how to import simple GLSL shader. For that you'll need to use our functions instead of the classical ones :
"void main (){ }" --> "vec4 main(vec2 uv, vec2 dx, vec2 dy){}"
"gl_FragCoord.xy/u_resolution.xy" --> "uv"


  • Texture Texture of the shader generator
  • Dynamic Variables (Custom Shader): Dynamic variables of the shader generator


Standard Presets: Simple Voronoi, Fractal Brownian, Tiles and Brick Shader II.


In same group: Uniform, Checker Board, Brick, Mandelbrot Fractals, Dots, Shader Toy Generator and ISF Generator. Mentioned: Use presets.