Reflection Probe

Enhance real-time refections into 3D Renderer

This feature is only available in the current beta version of Smode and is not yet officialy supported.

A reflexion probe is a tool close to a 360° camera you'll place in 3D space in order to get visual information to plug it into a renderer.
Is here the procedure to follow in order to enhance reflexions:
1 - Create a Reflection Probe (right clic->reflection Probe).
2 - Add an environment map into your Surface Renderer (right click on the surface renderer).
3 - Change the environment map component into "Reflection Probe" (a preset of the environment component allows to create it directly, go check the Use presets part of the doc).
4 - Select the Reflection Probe map and just drag and drop the probe into it.

Here is a result of this tool:


  • 3D Position: Position of the reflection probe
  • Clipping Distance: Clipping distances of the reflection probe
  • Resolution of the reflection probe
  • Rendered faces of the reflection probe
  • 3D Size in Meters (Optional): Box projection of the reflection probe

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