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Radial Function

2D Generator - Display a radial shape defined by a Function

This shape can be colorized with a color gradient.
In the image above, the Function used is a linear function.


  • Gradient ( Color Gradient): Color gradient used to colorize the shape
  • Function ( Positive floating point number Function): The function that defines the shape
  • Ellipse The shape of the ellipse
  • Center The position of the ellipse


Standard Presets: Noise Radial Function, Audio Waveform Radial Function, Audio Spectrum Radial Function and Keyframe Radial Function.

Advanced Presets: Black Octogon, Clover, Crimson Flower, Disc, Flare Octogon, Flare Octogon Blured, Flare Round, Flare Round Blurred, God Rays, Japan style, Leaf, Nuclear Sign, Radial Gradient, Radial Gradient II, Sprite Round Blur, Sprite Star, Square, Star, Sun, Sun Rays and Wheel.


In same group: Function Curve. Mentioned: Function.