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Volume Layer

Special Layers - The Volume layer is used to generate volume information witch is sent to the stage elements

This feature is only available in the current beta version of Smode and is not yet officialy supported.

This feature only supports primitive geometry and some 3d modifier ( Quantize and Position Noise)
Here a example of the volume layer with a Led Fixture Type mapped in an Array.

The volume layer Can also work with standart stage Element like Surface or Led Screen

In the example below: An fbx animation is imported into the volume layer and the "fbx object" are replaced with primitive geometry to make the Robot body


  • Blending Mode ( Blending Mode): How this volume layer gets blended
  • Targets (Stage Display Selection): Elements(surface and led screen) affected by the volume layer
  • Fixtures (Fixture Type Selection): Dmx led Fixture type affected by the volume layer
  • Display Volume Activate the preview of the volume layer inside the viewport.
  • Distance Range ( Meters Interval): The distance range to the render the preview of the Volume
  • Steps The number of pass renderer to make the perview
  • Density The volume density renderer in the viewport


Standard Presets: Sphere White 10m, Sphere White 1m, Cube White Wire 10m and Cube White Wire 1m.


Mentioned: Led Fixture Type, Led Screen, Position Noise, Quantize and Surface.