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2D Generator - Generate a gradient parameterized by a shape and color gradient


  • Type ( 2D Gradient): Type of the gradient
  • Position Position of the gradient
  • Smoothness Smoothness of the gradient
  • Gradient ( Color Gradient): Colorize with a color gradient


Standard Presets: Radial, Vertical linear, Horizontal linear, Noise, Noise (animated), Fine Noise, Fine Noise (animated), Clouds noise, Clouds noise (animated), Noise (Caustic), Noise (Curtains), Noise (Dots Pyramids), Noise (Gos Rays), Noise (Hard Edges), Noise (Popping Dots), Noise (Psyche Noise 1) and Noise (Wood Noise).

Advanced Presets: Electrical arcs, Cellular strings, Ink stains, Organic, Organic spots, Dots, Lava, Mold, Fractalized and Chrome Waves.


In same group: Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient and N-Points Gradient.