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3D Layer

A single 3D Layer (3D object, particle system, ect)

The structure of 3D Layer follows the same logic as this of 2D Layer: they contain a 2D Generator, a stack of 3D Modifier that can be modulated through 3D Mask and 3D Renderer that can have local modifiers. The main difference is that instead of acting on 2D images, these 3D components operate on geometries .
  • 3D Generator: The Generator of a 3D layer represents the source of a geometry. It can either be constituted of faces (mesh), points (point cloud, particles), lines (splines) or a combination of thoses.
  • 3D Modifier: A 3D layer contains a chain of modifiers that are applied to the geometry defined in it's Generator. A wide number of 3D modifiers are provided ranging simple vertex attributes operations to advanced distortion and generation effects.
  • 3D Mask: Any 3D modifier in Smode can be modulated with 3D masks that define for every vertex (point in space) the level of application of the modifier. Masks enable numerous applications from traditional displacement-masking to advanced modulation of stylisation effects and can even be used for animations.
  • 3D Renderer: Once the generator is modified, it gets rendered by its 3D Renderer. By default there is one such renderer, but it's very easy to turn it into a group renderer to get the layer displayed multiple times (without nearly any additional cost). Renderers in 3D are dispatched in 3 categories consistent with the generators : Lines, points and surface renderers. Each renderer has an opacity and a blending mode . It is possible to add local modifiers on renderers but for that you'll have to turn them into groups renderer (select a renderer and Ctrl+Shift+G).
To group several 3D objects, select them and press CTRL+SHIFT+G. This will have different effects if you choose 3D Renderer, Light or 3D Generator. Either can have a different behavior but they all have a 3D Placement.
You can also group several 3D layers under a Compo with CTRL+SHIFT+C which will result to create a rasterized layer containing your 3D scenery. This composition will have a depth buffer you can use with a 2D Depth mask.

Here is a little introduction to the Smode3D engine:
Watch directly on youtube

Here is a little animation made entirely with 3D layers for somebody called Maxence:
Watch directly on youtube


3D: NEW - Import FBX multi-material objects.compo, Triplanar Mapping.compo, Spritesheet in Point renderer (Animated sprites).compo and Environment Light.compo.

Misc: NEW - Import CSV as Parameters.compo.


Parameter Types:

3D Position - A position in 3D space stored in meters

Renderer Depth Settings - Settings that affect how a renderer uses the depth-buffer


3D Generator - The 3d layer of a 3D Layer represents a source of geometry.

3D Modifier - Modify a 3D geometry

3D Mask - 3D masks enable selecting 3D vertices based on their different attributes such as position, color and texture coordinate.

3D Renderer - Displays a 3D geometry

3D Placement - Defines a placement in 3D space

Camera - A camera filming 3D content

Light - Illuminate 3D renderers

Special Layers - Real time Ray Traced 3D Layer

Material Bank - A Bank of 3D Renderer

3D Group - A Group of 3D Layer

3D Tools


Mentioned: 2D Generator, 2D Layer, 3D Generator, 3D Mask, 3D Modifier, 3D Placement, 3D Renderer, Compo, Depth mask and Light.