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2D Group

Group of 2D Layer

[CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [G] to group Layers together
The 2D Group element allows you to Organize a composition and move several 2D Layer altogether. Unlike Compo, a 2D Groups have no resolution controls and no Blending Mode.
In Smode a Group can contain many different elements and allow you to manipulate them in the same fashion. A good example of that is the Group 2D Renderer.
- You can also group 2D Modifier with the 2D Modifiers Group.
- You can also group 2D TextureMask with the 2D Group mask.


Animation: NEW - Multi-dimensional Modifier.compo.

Misc: NEW - Import CSV as Parameters.compo.


2D Masks Group - Group several 2D TextureMask

2D Modifiers Group - Group several 2D Modifier


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