Notch 2D Modifier

2D Modifier - Notch Modifier

This is the integration of a Notch block as a 2D modifier inside Smode. Thanks to this element, any Smode layer or pre-comp can be modified with a Notch block.
Notch modifiers can be combined in larger chain of Smode modifiers and can be modulated with 2D TextureMask.
To use Notch block as a modifier it need to have a "Video Loader" node

And have the video setting exposed

Then simply import the Notch Block .dfxdll file inside Smode by a drag and drop

View the Notch Documentation to know how to do it: video-capture


  • Notch Block File Selector: Path of the Notch Block
  • Transport: Transport to control the Notch layer Timeline
  • Notch Instance: General parameters of the block: layer selector and quality advanced parameters

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