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Clock Device

Device - In use to bind an animation to Time Code

Clock are used do synchronize Cue List Transport from different computer with external device, such as Timecode
To synchronize your Cue list with timecode, first go inside of preferences and choose a clock device :

Then go inside the Cue List parameters and bind it to a timecode (either Midi Clock or Audio Clock.

Finally inside of the cue list, choose which cue ( Function Cue or Timeline) you want to bind to the timecode, and if you want just to Trigger an event or play everything accordingly to the timecode :

Every cue / animation / timeline you want to bind to a clock must be inside of a Cue List. Which mean that only Smode Station has this option.


  • Time Current time of the clock device (Read Only)
  • Playing True if clock device is running(Read Only)
  • Time Base Time base of the clock device (Read Only)


Current Time Clock - Use current time of your computer to bind animations

Manual Clock - Set the time you want

Midi Clock - Interpret external Midi timecode

Audio Clock Device Identifier - Audio Input Channel Choice

Audio Clock - Interpret external audio timecode


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