Color Lookup Table

2D Modifier - Modify colors using a Color Lookup Table file

Smode can import color filters from other softwares like Photoshop using Color Lookup table files.
Smode support *.cube and *.look file formats for these kind of filters.
Once a lookup table is created, select it and go into the "file" tab to switch between the other lookup tables avaiable.

To import them in Smode just drag and drop the file inside your compo and they will appear as 2D Modifier Modify a 2D image Read More .
Smode include a collection of *.cube files ready to use in Standard Pack Here are some presets and media files you may find useful Read More :

If you add some color lookup tables inside your media directories inside a "LUT" folder, they will automatically be added to the modifier right click menu.
One little hint if you have troubles accessing to the menu when it pop up to the wrong side (like on the example below), just follow the path described with the green arrow with your mouse :

Go check the end of this video to see an application of the look up tables:


  • File (3D Image File Selector) : Selector of Color Lookup Table file

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