Animation - Timelines specificity is to play, cut and edit video layers easily, and to animate layers and their parameters

On the creation of a composition (CTRL+N)) you'll have the choice to create or not a main Timeline.

Here are the 3 types of animations available inside of Smode :
- Timelines : Create a main timeline on the composition (not a timeline cue)
- Function Cue : Create an Animation Bank at the root of the compo
- Cue List : Create a Cue List at the root of the compo

All of theses choices can be reverted or added after the composition creation.

There is two types of timelines inside of Smode:
- The first is the "Main Timeline" which is embedded inside a composition and work like in any classical animation software
- The second is the "Timeline Cue" , it work like a Function Cue and is placed inside an Animation Bank.

Main Timelines

There is a lot of way to animate in Smode. Check also Function Cue and Exposed Parameter A more common way to animate parameters or bring life to a 2D or 3D compo, is to use timelines. There is 2 types of timelines, Main Timelines, which cover this chapter, and Timelines Cues that we'll see on next chapter. The 2 Timelines types are still quite similar. In Smode, a main Timeline can be added to each composition. Inside each composition, click on this button :

Once it is done, the timeline is accessible inside the Timeline Editor below the Viewport when selecting the timeline or the Composition. Selecting the timeline will give you access to it's parameters through the Parameters Editor :

- You can lock the Timeline Editor on the current timeline by activating the lock button (circled in red on the image below) - The name of the timeline currently displayed is written on the top left part of the Timeline Editor (underlined in red)

If a composition is dragged and dropped inside of the main timeline, every animation inside of it will be driven by the newly created matching track :

If a Compo with a timeline is put under a Brother or Child Timeline instead of a Parent Timeline, an "out of scope" icon will signify it to you. Timelines hierarchy must be made in the same order than the Element Tree Hierarchy.

Timeline Cues

A Timeline can also be created in the form of cue, or standalone animation. That means it can be used in an Animation Bank, or Cue List (for Smode Station), just like any standard cue.

Here is how to create a Timeline cues:

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