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Group 2D Renderer

2D Renderer - Allow multiple 2D Renderer for a single 2D Layer

By default there is one single renderer in a 2D Layer, but it's easy to duplicate it (with [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [A] or [Ctrl] + [D] ) to get the layer displayed at multiple places:

Thanks to this feature, it is possible to display a video being played at multiple places without nearly any additional cost, since the decoding of the video occurs only once.
Note that each renderer has its own Blending Mode: it's possible to mix different Blending Mode. Also each renderer can have its own local 2D Modifier (and 2D Renderer Effect):

By the way, here is a little trick that works everywhere in Smode, but which is particularly useful in the case of renderers. To change a parameter of multiple renderers, first select those renderers:

And now, change for example the opacity on the first renderer: it changes on each of the selected renderers:

You can also make a multi-selection and change something in the Parameters Editor to get it changed in every selected element.



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