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Smode Launcher

Since version 8.3 of Smode Station (and the support of network), Smode Tech provide new versions of Smode Station as zip files. A new application called Smode Launcher can be used to manage multiple versions of smode over one or multiple machines. We hope that the Smode Launcher won't be updated often so it could be installed once for all over all your station machines, next you will be able to update Smode Station and start the same version on all your Smode Server. You can download the lastest versions of Smode Launcher here: launcher The two basic usecases of Smode Launcher are:


Install a new version of Smode Station on multiple machines - How to update your Smode Station on multiple machine at the same time

Start Smode Station on multiple machines - Start all your Smode Stations on all your machine