Led Screen

Stage Element - Screens with a pitch and a luminosity

A led screen is a LED simulation and can be used to simulate pitch / luminosity :

Do not foget to assign a content map to this element if you want it to display anything :

A led screen will by default adapt to the content map resolution.
An imported geometry can be set up as a Free Shape Led Screen but in this case the pitch won't be simulated.
A led screen automatically take the resolution of it's Content Map inside of the stage simulation. It's size is then automatically calculated accordingly to his pitch.
Strip Led Screen and Tiles Led Screen are also 2 variations of Smode led screens.

Parameters to all Led Screens

  • Resolution of the led screen

Parameters common to all Stage Displays

  • Pipeline Source Weak Pointer: Select here the source Content Area to attach to this led screen


Free Shape Led Screen - Turn any Smode primitive into a LED screen

Strip Led Screen - Has the same behavior as Led Screen but got only a length and a pitch

Planar Led Screen - Regular led screen

Tiles Led Screen - Is a Led Screen with tiles options

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