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Bake compositions

How to transform a Compo into a video file inside a composition to gain fps

This feature is only available in Smode Station and Smode Studio.
The compo baker allow you to easily transform a part of a composition of Smode to a video. When your scenery is becoming to heavy, this can be a nice way to fasten things up. This is more or less the equivalent of creating proxy in After Effects.
The baked files will be saved in the same folder than the composition.
When you'll export and consolidate your composition, the baked file will be embedded inside of them.
In this next example we'll take the "Timelines inside timelines" example from the features pack
In this composition, there is a composition with a timeline named "red translating circle" (also colored in red). This composition contains the animations of the circle. The you'll see on the main composition that the red composition Track Block are cut inside the Main Timeline. By baking this composition you'll see what is happening.
In this example, to compo baker folder will remain empty inside of the preferences so the baked video will be in the current folder.
At the end I'll do an Export and Consolidate and as you'll see the baked video is inside.
There is a known bug, on some computers (like the one I used for the video above) you may have to save and re-open your composition to effectively see the baked compositions working (as i did on this video)
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