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3D Renderer for 2D Layers

2D Renderer - Special renderer to display a 2D Layer in 3D easily

To add a 3D renderer on a 2D Layer you can either go inside it's parameters:

If you already added several renderers to a 2D Layer (with [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [A]), in other word if the 2D Layer got a Group 2D Renderer, then you can add a 3D renderer with a right click:

This 2D Renderer is dedicated to specific usage when displaying a layer in 3d easily, it can be for instance a PowerPoint like presentation:


  • Modifiers (List of 2D Modifiers): Modifiers used only on this renderer
  • Pitch (2D Size in Positive Millimeters): Scale of the 3D plane (in meters per pixels), the size of the plane depend of the 2D Generatorresolution
  • Placement ( 3D Placement): Placement of the 3D plane in space
  • Anchor Anchor of the 3D plane
  • Blending Mode ( Blending Mode): How this 3d renderer for 2d layers gets blended
  • Depth Buffer ( Renderer Depth Settings): 3D settings of the 3D plane


Advanced Presets: Relative to Camera, Relative to Camera Anchor Bottom, Relative to Camera Anchor Top, Relative to Camera Anchor Left and Relative to Camera Anchor Right.


Mentioned: 2D Generator, 2D Layer, 2D Renderer and Group 2D Renderer.