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Single Fixture

Stage Element - A reference of Fixture Type

An independant fixture placed into your stage.
Like any other Stage Element , Content Map associated to the parent fixture Type (in Fixture Definitions) sets its color.
Each Led that composes this fixture has an independant UV coordinate. The color content of this Led is equal to the color of the pixel at this UV coordinate.

Smode determines automatically the UV coordinate of each Single Fixture. But you can set it manually as pictured below:

You can see on which Subnet, Universe and Channel your fixture begins with the associated parameter:

By default, DMX Adressing is also automatically handled by Smode. For example, if there are 2 single RGB leds in my stage, the first one begins at channel 1, the next at channel 4. (1 + R + G + B = 4).

Check the box of DMX Adress parameter to adress manually the subnet/universe/channel of fixtures.


In same group: Fixture Definitions, Led Fixture Type, Strip Fixture Type and Screen Fixture Type. Mentioned: Content Map and Stage Element.