Utility Modifiers

Utility Tools to generate hybrid and complex operations.

Utility modifiers are kind of the swiss knife of Smode.
There is also among them some meta-modifiers (Overlay and Compo Based), which mean modifiers that can be modified. Theses modifiers can so allow you to generate quite complexes setups and "rendering" building blocks.


Modifiers related to the alpha layer:

Mask - TextureMask a part of your image

Discard Alpha - Change the alpha channel to black

Alpha Choker - Crop an image using alpha

Rasterization control:

Freeze - Take a snapshot of the current image

Rasterize - Rasterize the current image


Overlay - Combine the input image with the output of its internal modifiers using any Blending Mode

Compo Based - Use a complex setup to create versatile procedural modifiers

Conversion modifiers:

Depth To Normal - Create a normal map from a greyscale image

Color Space Converter - Convert the Color Space of an image

Delay modifiers:

Frame Delay - Travel an x number of frames into the past

Optical Flow - Use image feedback to convert movement to rgb colors

Item 7:

April Tag detector modifier - Detect all the April Tag in frame

April Tag Detection - Give the ID and placement of an April Tag

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