Substance PBR Surface

3D Renderer - Surface PBR renderer defined by .sbsar file

This renderer enables to use a .sbsar file, generated by Substance Designer, as PBR material. It relies on the same shading algorithm as PBR Surface an interpret the following maps from Substance:
  • Diffuse (or BaseColor if Diffuse is not present)
  • Normal
  • Metallic
  • Roughness
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Emissive
You can change most of the parameters of the textures as you where in Substance Designer. The following limitations applies:
  • Input fonts and images are not supported
  • Angle parameters don't use our angle widget :(
  • Sizes of texture(s) are forced to be power of two (Substance requirement)
Learn How to create your own .sbsar for Smode


  • Blending Mode: How this substance pbr surface gets blended
  • Renderer Depth Settings: Depth-buffer related settings
  • Sbsar Data File Selector: The .sbsar file
  • Which material to use inside the .sbsar (in case it contains multiple materials)
  • An overall metallic factor
  • An overall roughness factor
  • Substance: The exposed parameters from Substance


Advanced Presets: carbon_fiber_plain_weave, laser_cut_white_norway_spruce, lava_flow, metal_selective_speaker_mesh, mud_wet_step_marks and sci_fi_storage_unit_wall

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