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How to Import psd files from Photoshop

- Before importing a psd file, be sure to clean it from every modifier, and to have a clean pile of layers. For example, get rid of rulers and advanced grid options, and delete/merge every adjustement layers, like theses :
-It is quite possible than when you import or create a new composition from a psd, layers are placed in the wrong way :
If it is the case, just try to re-import the psd and it should be allright :
-When you've done all this you can finally import your psd inside Smode but as you'll see, your photoshop groups will be imported as "Composition", which is not good because it will kill the groups pass throught mode (see image below).
To make things go back to normal, group the layers with Ctrl+Shift+G and put the group out of the composition, you must now have what you expected (as on image below).


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