Define a full project with content, 3D stage and video mapping pipeline

Compared to usual compositing, Smode projects introduce on the two following new concepts:
  1. Show: This is where all the video content is stored and corresponds to a composition with multiple outputs (think for example at multi-channel audio)
  2. Pipeline: How the video content flows and gets processed through the project till the final outputs
Those two concepts correspond to the content creation side and the technical side of the project.
But, first of all, let's see how to create a new project.

Project creation wizard

To create a new project, click on FILE > "New project"
This gives the choice between three creation wizards: Minimal , 2D pipeline and 3D pipeline .
The Minimal wizard creates the simplest possible Pipeline, which consists of a single Content Map, directly linked to the video output.

The other two wizards help creating more complex projects faster, but note that they are not mandatory: it's possible to construct whole projects from scratch using the Minimal wizard.
The 2D pipeline wizard will help you create a large screen composed of multiple video outputs. This wizard is convenient for simple mapping in which 3D video mapping is not necessary.

The 3D pipeline wizard is useful to create a video projection 3D mapping setup. It gives options to directly create Video Projector inside the Stage of the project.

Navigation in the project

The following selector enables to switch between creating content ( i.e. editing the Show) and editing the video Pipeline :

The following selector enables to select which part of the Pipeline is currently selected and displayed:
In Content mode, this will only affect the Viewport. In Pipeline mode, this selector changes what's being displayed both in the Viewport and in the Element Tree.
For advanced users, it's possible to display the whole project as a single unified tree, see Full Project.
To learn more about Smode projects, either go to Show, or Pipeline.
Specific project construction scenarios are detailed in Smode How To guide for Project creation!.
You can also switch directly to one of the other topics mentioned below.


Smode How To guide for Project creation!

Show - Contains all the video content of the project

Pipeline - Define how video content is processed in a project

Content Mapping - Automatize complex dispatch of content from the Show toward Content Map

Content Map - This section describes how to set up your content maps and use Content Area

Stage Element - An element inside the Stage

Processor - This section describes how to configure Smode processors in order to configure your output(s) and also make some nice and smooth stage pre-visualisations

Full Project

Video Output - Represents the connection of a Video Output Device to the Pipeline

Mapper Generator - The Video mapper you need!

Modifier Stack Layer - Deal with a group of 2D Modifier as you deal with Scene

3D Channel - A 3D Space that will be casted inside your stage elements

Create and Run your XR Studio in Smode -

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