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Define a full project with content, 3D stage and video mapping pipeline

This feature is only available in Smode Station.
A project in Smode is constructed around the Master Scene, which contains all the video content and a video Pipeline that defines how the video content is processed to obtain the final video outputs.

All the project is constructed linearly inside the smode Pipeline.
Here is a little schematic to help you understand the whole mapping process.
As you see the fastest possible pipeline, from the Master Scene (content creation) to the Outputs involves only to define Content Map in between.
The remaining elements are tools to help you make your pipeline more flexible:


  • Master Scene ( Scene): Master scene of the project
  • Setup ( Pipeline): Setup of the project


Pipeline - Define how video content is processed in a project

Master Scene

Virtual Screen - Automatize complex dispatch of content from the Master Scene toward Content Map

Content Map - This section describes how to set up your content maps and use Content Area

Stage Element - An element inside the Stage

Processor - This section describes how to configure Smode processors in order to configure your output(s) and also make some nice and smooth stage pre-visualisations

Full Setup

Project Outputs - Configure the Outputs and send content inside the project

Smode How To guide for Project creation !


Mentioned: Content Map, Master Scene, Pipeline, Processor, Stage, Video Projector, Viewport and Virtual Screen.