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Enable/Disable performance profiling

Click on this button, and you will see how much time each of your Elements costs:

This is golden technique to optimize content in Smode! Other optimization techniques are described in Use optimisation tools to accelerate a composition.
Note that profiling may have a minimal impact on the overall performance of the compo, so it's better to turn it off once optimization is done.
Profiling sometimes might be slightly imprecise, especially in complex scenes with Shared Element, Parent Input layer or other kinds of indirections. In such cases, if you really want a fine measure of how much the composition actually costs, the most reliable way is:
  1. Disable vertical synchronisation in the engine preferences
  2. Enable the OnAirApplicationCommand mode
  3. Check the GPU Memory Meter and FPS Meter in the bottom-right side of the user interface (green square in the image above)


In same group: Px/% Unit Selector, User Interface Lock, ON-AIR, Enable Output, Freeze Output, GPU Memory Meter and FPS Meter. Mentioned: Element, Parent Input layer, Shared Element and Use optimisation tools to accelerate a composition.