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Content Mapping

Automatize complex dispatch of content from the Show toward Content Map

This feature is only available in Smode Station.
Content mappings are a way to display content using advanced mapping technique. Like dispatching the same media on every Content Map or doing a 3D camera mapping.

This section describes how to send your creation content through LED screens / Video projectors using advanced mapping techniques.
A content mapping is just a way to take a Layer as input and dispatch it on different Content Map

Go check 2D Scene Mapping and 3D Camera Mapping to learn how they both work.
these elements were previously named "Virtual screen".


  • Resolution Reference resolution for the content mapping. As the mapping is for remap content over Content Map from the Show, better use max content map width and max content map height here. For instance, if your virtual screen will have an effect on a content map of 320x1800px and another of 2000x80px, then better put 2000x1800px as virtual screen resolution.


2D Scene Mapping - Dispatch your content creation using 2D transformations procedures

3D Camera Mapping - Dispatch your content creation using 3D transformations procedures


Mentioned: 2D Scene Mapping, 3D Camera Mapping, Content Map, Pipeline, Show and Viewport.