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Stage Element

An element inside the Stage

This feature is only available in Smode Station.
The Stage is described by a tree of elements, that can be video projectors, LED screens, cameras, motorized groups, etc.


Video Projection:

Surface - Define a projection surface

Video Projector - Virtual video projectors of Smode stage, used for real life mapping, usually directly connected to the Outputs

LED Screens:

Led Screen - Screens with a pitch and a luminosity

Free Shape Led Screen - Turn any Smode primitive into a LED screen

Strip Led Screen - Has the same behavior as Led Screen but got only a length and a pitch

Planar Led Screen - Regular led screen

Tiles Led Screen - Is a Led Screen with tiles options


Fixture Definitions - A dedicated Bank to store your fixtures

Single Fixture - A reference of Fixture Type

Led Fixture Type - Define a type of single LED

Strip Fixture Type - Define a type of strip LEDs

Screen Fixture Type - Define a type of screen LEDs


Stage Elements Group - Group multiple stage elements together

Mapping - Used to remap UV of a stage surface

Tracking System - To visualize tracked points using a Blacktrax Device


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