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Audio File

Sound track in files

Drag and drop an audio file in the Element Tree to import it in Smode. Supported formats: .wav or .aif.
Do not forget to configure your Audio Device first.


  • File ( Video (with or without Audio) File Selector): Path of the audio file
  • Audio Layer Index of the stream in the file (zero by default can be used to change the audio source (language, track... ) should not be confused with the concept of channels (Left, Right...) audio file
  • Transport ( Transport): Transport of the audio file
  • Audio Level Audio level of the audio file, this is in percentage unit, and can be used as fade in and fade out of Element tracks.
    To amplify the signal, see Audio Streamer Settings
  • Thread Count Number of CPU threads reserved to decode the compressed audio stream.
  • Streamer Settings ( Streamer Settings): Streamer settings of the audio file.


Mentioned: Audio Device, Audio Streamer Settings and Element Tree.