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Content Area

Organize your content maps

This feature is only available in Smode Station.
A content area is a part of a content map, it allow to do more precise and advanced mapping.
To create a content Area, go inside the Content Map tab and do a right click. You'll have all theses options to create a new content area :

Then you can fine tune them through the Parameters Editor (below the Element Tree)
This is a necessary feature if you have only one content map for a geometry (like an UV map) and you want to select only parts of it to display specific contents. Go check the example projects.
In this example image, a single content map is cut to fit the different parts of the geometry :

It allow to address any content directly into this content map subdivisions inside the Show. And so to place specific content in specific areas :

Using Content Mapping
you can also directly create some procedures to map directly different parts from the same content and so enhance a faster creation process.
If you put a 2D TextureMask over a content area, only content send to this specific area will be masked. This mask will have no effect over the content send into the parent Content Map.


  • Loading (Activation State): The loading status of the content area. It can be loaded , enabled by not loaded or unloaded
  • Activation (Activation State): The activation status of the content area. It can be active , enabled by not active or inactive
  • Color Label Associate a color label to your content area to make it easily locatable
  • Solo Activate this to keep only this content area active and hide all other content areas in same location
  • Editable (Activation State): The editabiliy status of the content area. It can be locked directly , locked indirectly or editable
  • Preset (Element): Select a preset to apply on the content area
  • Status Warnings and errors associated to this content area


Advanced Presets: Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Horizontal 1 / 3, Horizontal 2 / 3, Horizontal 3 / 3, Vertical 1 / 3, Vertical 2 / 3 and Vertical 3 / 3.


Mentioned: 2D TextureMask, Content Map, Content Mapping, Element Tree, Parameters Editor and Show.