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Create a custom shape LED screen

How to create a round (or other shape) screen with LED pitch simulation

You can create LED screens of any shape, 3D or 2D using the Free Shape Led Screen or with an imported 3D model (*.obj, *.fbx etc.) but doing so you won't have access to the pitch simulation.
As you saw, the smode Planar Led Screen are always in rectangular shape. Anyway, it is possible to add a 2D TextureMask over any Content Map or Content Area and by doing so, you'll change the screen shape inside the stage simulation. In this example I used a Radial mask but any kind of mask can be used, such as the polygonal mask.
Here I want my "floor" LED screen to be in a round shape. This LED screen is driven by the "Floor" Content map:

That's why after having masked the content map assigned to the floor screen, the floor screen is now displayed as the content map shape:


Mentioned: 2D TextureMask, Content Area, Content Map, Free Shape Led Screen, Planar Led Screen and Radial mask.