Oculus Device

Use an Oculus Headset and Controllers

A Control Device that allows to use a Oculus headset with optional controllers
To connect the Oculus device, you will need to create the device first: you should see messages displaying in the Device panel. Then, in a composition, create an Oculus Camera and select the Oculus device in the Oculus Camera's deviceSelector.
Important! in order to see in the headset:
  • if you don't have an output, you will need to be set the viewport in 2D
  • if you are in "On Air" mode, you will need to activate an Output

It can be long to recreate the graphics resources when you unplug and replug the headset, so please leave it some time.
There are 3 distinct controllers:
  • Headset
  • Left Hand
  • Right Hand

The thumbsticks move the Oculus Camera around and trigger events. Other events are triggered by the following:
  • Button Thumb
  • Button Up
  • Button Down
  • Button Option
  • Trigger Hand
  • Trigger Index


  • Choose to listen or not to the hand controllers events, in order to save performance

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