PC2 cache File

A PC2 cache File to import per vertex animation from 3D animations or simulations

A PC2 cache file work only for a SINGLE Mesh.
If you exported your cache from several objects then you should either:
- Merge theses objects in your 3D software, then export the PC2 cache, and finally export as an obj.
- Import the multiples mesh from the .obj as a "Reference", so Smode could interpret them as a single mesh.
Before exporting the mesh and the cache from your 3D software, here is some stuff to do:
- Triangulate your mesh. It should work with quads also but...well, triangulate just in case.
- Export the Mesh in .obj with theses settings (here from Blender):
Each cache exported must correspond to a single mesh. It's beter to select your object before exporting

- Do not forget to apply all the transformations to your mesh prior to export it

Exporting a PC2 with Blender use the addons "Export Pointcache Format(.pc2)", you can activate it inside the Blender preference.

-Export the PointCache .pc2 with theses settings:

You need to set your start and end frame depending on your animation.

Here is the addons documentation in the Blender manual:pc2.html
To import an animated mesh baked with a PC2 cache files:
- First import the 3D File
- If the pc2 file have the same name as the obj (filename.obj = filename.pc2 or filename.obj.pc2) the animation is imported directly
- Overwise you can drag and drop the .pc2 file into the good position (over the imported .obj).

- This will create an animation node, just activate it's Transport:

Or drag and drop it into the Timeline:

And watch the magic happen:


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