Operator Modifiers

Change existing geometry. Can generate or change points / lines / surfaced on 3D layers (3D Generator)

Here is a little demonstration of what can be done from a simple Torus combined with an Instantiate:


Connect Points - Connect Points to generate splines in order to display lines

Motion Lines - Generate lines using points motion

Random Points - Allow to display points randomly over a geometry

Emit Particles - Emit Particles from a geometry

Instantiate - Instantiate a primitive geometry on each vertex position

Repeat - Repeat a geometry in space

Triangulate - Generate triangles on spline or point primitives to display surfaces

Extrude Shape - Extrude splines into 3D surfaces that can be displayed with Surface

Solidify Path - Transform lines in shapes given by splines

Central Symmetry - Symmetry using a point referential

Mirror - Symmetry using a plane referential

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