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Control Device - Use an OSC Device as a controller

An osc Control Device receives messages from network via OSC protocol.
To add and configure an OSC control device, go to Preferences (F11) and proceed as described:

A window like the one pictured below will appear. Configure your OSC device as you want:
  • Receive : Check if you device is an OSC receiver
  • Local Input : Configure the address and the port to listen
  • Reuse Local Port : Check this option if you want to listen the same OSC messages with a different application than Smode
  • Send : Check if your device is an OSC sender
  • Remote Output : Configure the address of the remote
  • Broadcast : Check this option if the remote has a Broadcast address (

You can for instance use an Xbox 360 controller through this control device, with a pure data patch that you can find on the Smode forum. Here are links to related Youtube tutorials:
Watch directly on youtubeWatch directly on youtube


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