3D Channel

A 3D Space that will be casted inside your stage elements

Do not confuse with Volume Layer
a 3d channel is mainly used for XRProject. This Channel receive content from 3D Scene
it's role is to dispatch 3D Scene through a single 3D space that can be then recovered inside Processor, Stage processor or Compo and shooted independantly inside each of them.
For example: 2 Led Screen can display the same 3D Scene but from a different point of view.

Basic usage:

  1. Create a Led Screen with an internal Processor
  2. Create a VR Window Camera inside the Led screen processor.
  3. Moove or place your VR Window Camera out of the Led Screen
  4. Drag and Drop the 3d channel inside the Processor.

It's possible to preview the 3d channel directly inside the stage. Very useful to place Stage Element or any 3D layers in a virtual world.
In order to get the Learn more about that by following the XRContent step for XRProject


3D Channel reference - A 3D layer that refer to a 3D channel

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