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3D Camera Mapping

Content Mapping - Dispatch your content creation using 3D transformations procedures

Every 3D File imported inside the Stage and impacted by a 3D Camera Mapping MUST have non-overlapping UVs, else the mapping won't work properly.
The particularity of a 3D Camera Mapping is to use the Stage to create automatic transformations of content inside of the content maps:

To create a camera mapping, right click inside the Pipeline tab just below the Viewport and create the mapping:

Then you must create a Standard Camera inside the Stage:

Finally, just select which elements will be affected by which camera inside of the 3D Camera Mapping parameters:

Here is what all the process look like in action !
The original content is first send through a spherical mapping to the cube and this mapping then deform the content inside of the content maps assigned to the cube:

This element was previously named "3D Virtual screen".


  • Mapping ( Element Selector): Mapping of the 3d camera mapping
  • Targets (Stage Display Selection): Elements(surface and led screen) affected by the 3d camera mapping
  • Fixtures (Fixture Type Selection): Dmx led Fixture type affected by the 3d camera mapping


Mentioned: 3D File, Pipeline, Stage, Standard Camera and Viewport.