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Exposed Parameter

Allow to control multiple Link Target with a single value

-The main purpose of exposing a parameter is to get a quick access to it at the top of the Element Tree : Expose Parameters as parameters.

-The second purpose is to bind parameters together in a single percentage function, mainly to be able to control them with any Device or to create animation sets. On the difference of Timeline, An exposed parameter is animated from the Function Editor.
For that purpose check Expose Parameters as percentage.

-The third purpose is to quickly encode a show by controlling the activation / loading and opacity of a Scene, a Compo or any kind of elements into Smode. For that we recommend using the Expose as Starter parameters.

A composition in Smode is an animated, dynamic and interactive image. There are some standard ways to introduce the third parameter in the equation, interaction.
Indeed, a composition behave like an image that has a range of possible looks. This is especially useful for situations where the creator wants to deliver a product that is tunable, allowing adaptation to the situation (the staging of a show, an experience interacting with the user, etc.).
Parameters are there just for that purpose. Indeed, you can choose to expose certain parameters of your elements, effects, and more to the user. Those exposed parameters are stored in a Parameter Bank. Parameters use targets as internal objects. Those targets are the same as a Link (Local, MIDI, OSC...)'s target. They are therefore subjected to Link's advanced logic with Modifiers and Conditions.

By right-clicking the target, you can create them. See the topic on Link Modifier.


  • Modifiers (List of Link Modifiers): Modifiers of the exposed parameter
  • Targets (List of Link Targets): Targets of the exposed parameter : right click on the to go to the element it points to.


  • Loading (Activation State): The loading status of the exposed parameter. It can be loaded , enabled by not loaded or unloaded
  • Activation (Activation State): The activation status of the exposed parameter. It can be active , enabled by not active or inactive
  • Color Label Associate a color label to your exposed parameter to make it easily locatable
  • Solo Activate this to keep only this exposed parameter active and hide all other exposed parameters in same location
  • Editable (Activation State): The editabiliy status of the exposed parameter. It can be locked directly , locked indirectly or editable
  • Preset (Element): Select a preset to apply on the exposed parameter
  • Status Warnings and errors associated to this exposed parameter


Expose Parameters as parameters

Expose Parameters as percentage

Expose as Starter parameters

Advanced logic

Parameter Bank - Group a bunch of Exposed Parameter together

Parameters Bank State - A state of a collection of Exposed Parameter


Mentioned: Compo, Device, Element Tree, Expose Parameters as parameters, Expose Parameters as percentage, Expose as Starter parameters, Function Editor, Link, Link Modifier, Parameter Bank, Scene and Timeline.