Sprite Points

3D Renderer - Display point using any kind of 2D Layer as map

A sprite is the most versatile point renderer. It can contain any 2D or sequences of 2D layers (including Compo, Image Layer or Video File) and also sprite-sheets. When adding a media inside the sprite points renderer, you can quickly change it through the file editor (go check the Media Information part of the documentation).
Note that you have a selector inside of the sprites points renderer, it act more or less as a 3D Mask and allow you to choose which image inside your sprite will be displayed where and when. in this example, two sprites are displayed over a plane with a box selector (in yellow) driven by a function (in pink).

To add a composition inside a sprite point renderer just select the renderer and right click->maps->compo. Or drag and drop a composition inside of the sprite point.

If you want to use sprite-sheets, then select the renderer and enter the right number of sprites of your sprite-sheets (row and columns).

Then go inside the function selector and animate it's curve offset with a Function Cue. Do not forget to put the selector curve in "repeat mode" as on the image below:


  • 3D Placement: Placement of the sprite. Here you can modify it's referential (world/vertex/camera) and it's referential axis (xy, xz, yz)
  • Blending Mode: How this sprite points gets blended
  • Renderer Depth Settings: Depth-buffer related settings
  • Depth sort the particles, costly but premultiply the sprites in order to avoid to get ugly borders on sprites with alpha.

  • Size of the sprite. Can also be modified with a Point Scale
  • Sprites
  • List of 2D Generators: Maps


Advanced Presets: Mens, Womens and Mens-and-Womens

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