Break Points and Time markers

Put control points all over your Timelines

A Time Marker allow you to create many different action (Cues) to navigate inside the Timeline to encode a show.
To create a break point, just right click on the time marker as showed below :

To navigate from a marker to another you can use theses buttons inside of the Timeline. Note that each different Marker Actions are symbolized by a little icon next to the marker.

Once a Time Marker is created, select it to access to it's parameters. By default you can create a BreakPoint (a pause), which will stop the cursor when it reaches it:

To add different actions to the selected markers, unfold the "Action Type" menu.
Note that the "Cue" and "Content" actions are accessible only if a Function Cue or a Compo is already created inside of your composition as they will act on theses Elements.

- Content : Trigger an action on a specified content such as a Compo:

- Cue : trigger a Function Cue already present inside your scene / compo:

- Finalize : Send the cursor directly at the end of the Timeline and Finalize it:

- Go To : Allow to go from this marker to any position of the current Timeline or of another Timeline. This position can be a time or another Marker:
To a specified time:

Or to a specified marker:

- Loop : Send the Cursor to the previous Marker:

It so possible to create complexe setups inside of a Timeline:

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