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3D File

3D Generator - External referenced 3D file (.fbx, .obj or .blend)

In Smode you have the possibility to reference external 3D files into Smode. Smode use the official SDK to load FBX Files and the Open Source library ASSIMP to load OBJ and BLEND files.
  • Be sure to keep only 1 scene and clean all unused materials in your blend/fbx files before trying to import/reference them in Smode.
  • Merge all your objects that have the same materials to increase the rendering performances.
  • Smode should also load .3DS, .DXF, .LWO, .STL and .PLY but theses files are not officially supported in Smode.
Smode can take millions of triangles, as any real time software but the imported geometry should have the minimum meshes possible. A file constituted of too many object will be impossible to manage and make possible crashes. Also remember to always flatten all the objects transformations prior to do the export (check the limitations chapter below)


  • File ( 3D Group File Selector): link to the file used as 3D mesh (officially support .fbx, .obj, and .blend)
  • Sub Geometry To Use path to the sub mesh of the 3D file to use
  • Use Local Placement if using a sub geometry use this option to use the local anchor of the selected sub geometry


3D: NEW - Import FBX multi-material objects.compo.


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