Connect Points

3D Modifier - Connect Points to generate splines in order to display lines

Generate lines connecting points. This modifier allow to generate lines on a geometry that hadn't previously (as Random Points, Grid Points or Particles) By checking the "generateTriangles" you can also generate faces (beware that this option is very costly in terms of performances)
After adding this modifier, you can then add a Wireframe Lines, Thick Lines or a Tube Lines even over a particle system Or even a Surface if "generateTriangles" is checked This is what we use to do this shiny plexus effect :

And this is how you do it :


  • Meters Interval: Distance range two points needs to be to generate a line. Be cautious with that parameter. Too many lines and your GPU will die screaming
  • Subdivisions of the generated lines useful if you don't want straight lines and distort
  • Generate triangles geometries

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