Random Points

3D Generator - Random Points generated inside a volume (sphere, box or any other Smode primitive)

Here is a little video to show you haw to use this generator with volumetric light :
You can also use a any 3D Generator with the Random Points to produce almost the same results (except that points will be scattered over a surface instead of a volume). This also make possible to sample custom 3D File, which is not possible with Random points generator.
If you want to change the shape of this generator, you can select it either inside the Element Tree directly inside it's parameters inside the Parameters Editor. To change the shape (position / orientation / size) select it in the element tree (red arrow):

Here is an example of a Random point generator with a box shape:

Here is a little comparison between this generator set as sphere and a Geosphere with a Random Points Modifier over it.


  • Seed: How the random generator gets initialised, each number produce a different randomness
  • Count of the random points
  • A surface on which the random points will generate random points


Standard Presets: Random Points - On Plane (horizontal), Random Points - On Plane (vertical), Random Points - On Line (horizontal), Random Points - On Line (vertical), Random Points - On Sphere (1m), Random Points - On Box (1m), Random Points - On Cylinder and Random Points - Single Point

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