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Shared Element

Tool - A shared element that can be reused at several places like an After Effects precomposition

To share an element, right click on it and then Share Element
This will result in creating a Shared Element and a Reference the second being an instance of the first. Now to generate a Reference from a shared element, just [CTRL] + drag and drop from it or duplicate an existing Reference. A Reference can be then become autonomous again with a right click -> Import

To navigate from Shared Element to their Reference, right click on one or the other and you'll see menu shortcuts to bring you directly to them :

Check out the feature examples to see that at work. This is quite a powerful tool (indispensable) to do procedural compositing.
Also as I'm in a good mood today here is some examples of the shared element use. First how to use the same Compo (containing Particles in this case) to create both a waterfall but also to deform the image behind with it's luminosity :
Watch directly on youtube
and here another example to show how to use shared elements to texture and displace procedurally a 3D object. This particular composition will be added in the next releases of Smode (probably the 7.8):
Watch directly on youtube


Mentioned: Compo, Import, Particles, Reference and Share Element.